Space fun for kids!!

Beautiful and inspiring space images and stories delivered to your child weekly by post.


The first of our PostcardsFrom… series takes in the Solar System. Junior astronaut Tanno, and their spacedog, Iguda, will send a series of 12 postcards straight to your home.


PostcardsFromSpace are aimed at children 8-12 years old. Every Postcard includes a secret code/QR code which will take your child to a special webpage. That contains more great photos, fun facts, and they all finish with at least one activity for your child to do. This might be further research, writing a story, drawing a picture – they’re all different, all educational, and all are great fun! You can see an example of one of these associated webpages by clicking here.

Example of the Postcards from Space series – this one is from Saturn!
Note this example does not show the Secret Code that comes on every Postcard!

Click here to see all the amazing story collections available. Each set of postcards comes through the post, once a week, and will take you all around the world, through space, and through history!