Author Workshop

A three hour PosctardsFromSpace Author Workshop is available, free of charge, to all schools purchasing the full schools package. Listings here are for online delivery. In-person delivery is much much better, but schools will need to cover author travel expenses.

Schools workshop outline

  • 2x children’s sessions 40 minutes each, plus Q&A
  • with a 20 minute break between (during which kids have a starwheel to make)
  • 1x teacher and parent training session, 40 minutes
  • Delivered online via Zoom
  • Includes interactive activities
  • With some materials emailed through beforehand
  • Some materials will need to be printed out for use in the sessions or later

Session details

Session 1 (kids) – Our solar system – 40 minutes, plus 20 minutes working break

  • What’s in our solar system? interactive presentation of objects in space, kids devise or remember a mnemonic for the names of the planets.
  • What are PostcardsFromSpace? Explanation of the story idea and characters.
  • How do we find aliens? Explanation of the science of searching for life elsewhere. Read along with the story on the PostcardFromMars.
  • During the break they will make a constellation finder, introduction to this with video link to follow along making it.

Session 2 (kids) – Deep Space – 40 minutes plus Q&A as desired

  • Explanation of constellations and how to use the finder.
  • What’s in the Universe? interactive presentation of objects in space
  • Tanno and Iguda in deep space: Explanation of the story idea and characters for the PostcardsFromDeepSpace.
  • Exoplanet Search: Explanation of the NASA missions searching for exoplanets and how they find them. Could exoplanets have aliens?
  • How could we communicate with aliens? Read through of the exoplanet Postcard.
  • Talking to aliens: radio and picture messages. Picture puzzle activity and introduction to Breakthrough Junior Challenge.
  • Student mission: post-workshop activity setting.

Session 3 (parents&teacher) – Training session on space activities (40 minutes)

  • Staying in orbit: explanation plus simple activity (need tennis ball) + video link
  • Weightless in orbit: explanation, plus simple activity (needs takeout cup, water may spill!)
  • Making and using the constellation finder, common problems
  • Exoplanet transit method activity (activity explanation only during workshop – equipment for carrying it out: torch, smartphone, ball, desk lamp, darkish room)
  • Using the PostcardsFromSpace activities
  • Q&A on both space knowledge, and/or teaching activities
  • Other space resources to use with your kids.