Meet Tanno and Iguda

Hi, I’m Tanno. I’m a junior explorer, and I take my dog Iguda on all my adventures.

I love to travel all over the world, and even into space. You can read about my adventures in the postcards I send back from all the crazy places we end up!

Your friends Tanno and Iguda have all sorts of adventures. And they love to share the crazy things they see and find out. They write postcards to their friends to show pictures and tell the stories of these adventures.

Woof, woof! I’m Iguda, Tanno’s dog. The two best things in life are: bones, and bounding around the place.

It’s so great to be able to help Tanno find out new and interesting stuff about all the places we visit together.

On each adventure trip, Tanno and Iguda will post you 12 postcards from all the fun places they visit. Each week you’ll be able to read about their latest adventures.

This is the missing spaceship called The Pontus.

It’s an unmanned, automatic probe that is searching the solar system for signs of life on other planets. But it’s lost! Tanno and Iguda are on a mission to find it.

PostcardsFromDeepSpace follow Tanno and Iguda on their further explorations, this time outside the solar system. Iguda’s wagging tail accidentally hits the new control panel and launches them to the other end of the Universe! Find out what your friends discover as they make their way home. They visit stars, galaxies, exoplanets, dark matter, and even a black hole!

PostcardsFromTheBody follow Tanno and Iguda on their next mission, this time inside their friend’s body to discover why she is felling ill.

Find out all about the cells, tissues and organs in the body, as well as the immune system!

In PostcardsFromVolcanoes, Tanno and Iguda travel all around the world to learn about what makes volcanoes erupt, and how we study them.

Here’s a list of all the wild places that Tanno and Iguda go to and send postcards to you from:

Card numberSpaceDeep SpaceVolcanoesThe BodyArt
1The MoonDeep SpaceStromboliMouthArt Materials
2VenusBlack Hole M87VesuviusStomachWhat is Art?
3MercuryDark MatterErta AleSmall IntestineGood or Bad Art?
4The SunWhirlpool GalaxyIcelandLarge IntestineColour
5MarsSupernova SNR0519ErebusBloodTone
6AsteroidsCrab NebulaVillaricaHeartMark Making
7JupiterBlue Ring NebulaMt St HelensLungsPicasso
8SaturnBetelgeuseSarychevBrainAbstract Art
9UranusTrappist-1fMt FujiEyesSculpture
10NeptuneAlpha CentauriPinatuboPancreasLeonardo da Vinci
11PlutoArrokothHawaiiImmune SystemLooking and Seeing
12EarthComet K2Olympus MonsSkinWomen Artists

Each postcard will also give you a secret code. This takes you to a secret webpage all about the place they visited that week.

Tanno and Iguda recommend using a computer or tablet for the secret pages as a phone screen can be a bit small for some of the incredible pictures and videos. To get to the page, look on your Postcard and find the blue QR code box The Moon secret webpage QR code If you can’t scan the QR code, then the text underneath it tells you the website address. So in this example for the Moon, you would type into your internet browser.