FunPostcardsFrom… series

Hi, I’m Iguda!

The PostcardsFromSpace series takes in the Solar System. Junior astronaut Tanno, and their spacedog, Iguda, will send a series of 12 postcards straight to your home.

PostcardsFromDeepSpace follow junior astronaut, Tanno, and the spacedog Iguda on their further explorations, this time outside the solar system. Find out what your friends discover as they visit stars, galaxies, exoplanets, dark matter, and even a black hole!

PostcardsFromVolanoes take Tanno and Iguda on an expedition all around the world on a mission from Dr Volcano. They find out all about volcanoes, eruptions, and the countries where we find volcanoes.

PostcardsFromTheBody take Tanno and Iguda on an mission inside their friend Professor Wendy to discover the cause of her sickness. They find out all about organs, tissues, cells, and systems inside the human body.

PostcardsFromArt take Tanno and Iguda all around the world, to see different styles of art and all sorts of paintings and sculptures. Sometimes they visit specific galleries, sometimes they look at specific artists, but always they try some new way of making art.

Hi, I’m Tanno!

Card numberSpaceDeep SpaceVolcanoesThe BodyArt
1The MoonDeep SpaceStromboliMouthArt Materials
2VenusBlack Hole M87VesuviusStomachWhat is Art?
3MercuryDark MatterErta AleSmall IntestineGood or Bad Art?
4The SunWhirlpool GalaxyIcelandLarge IntestineColour
5MarsSupernova SNR0519ErebusBloodTone
6AsteroidsCrab NebulaVillaricaHeartMark Making
7JupiterBlue Ring NebulaMt St HelensLungsPicasso
8SaturnBetelgeuseSarychevBrainAbstract Art
9UranusTrappist-1fMt FujiEyesSculpture
10NeptuneAlpha CentauriPinatuboPancreasLeonardo da Vinci
11PlutoArrokothHawaiiImmune SystemLooking and Seeing
12EarthComet K2Olympus MonsSkinWomen Artists

PostcardsFromSpace on a bedroom door

One happy reader stuck all the PostcardsFromSpace to her bedroom door!