PostcardsFromSpace – both series


Both the PostcardsFromSpace and PostcardsFromDeepSpace series, delivered weekly for 24 weeks.

Not available to customers outside the UK. International customers should choose International Order – both series.

Postcard personalisation * 

Tell us how to write the greeting to your child on each postcard.
For example, should your postcards be to: “Dear Mo,” maybe “Hi Nicky,” or even “Dear Smith Family,” ??

Please write here the full name and address for the postcards to be sent to. This could be the receiving child’s name and address, but it’s up to you, you might choose the child’s parent or guardian.
What you write here will be on the address label for all the postcards, so make sure you get it correct!

If this is going to be a gift, on the first Postcard we can add the message “This mission was launched by ” and then your name, so they’ll know it’s from you. Write your name in this box if you want the gift message.


Each week your child will receive one of the PostcardsFromSpace, sent from one of the planets or other objects in our solar system. Each week after that, they’ll receive one of the PostcardsFromDeepSpace, sent from stars, galaxies, exoplanets and other places in the Universe.

PostcardsFromSpace tell stories of Tanno and Iguda’s adventures on the planets, and the overall story of their mission to find the missing space probe, the Pontus. PostcardsFromDeepSpace follow their adventures beyond our solar system. Our heroes are accidentally launched to the far end of the Universe and send Postcards from the places they visit on the way home. They are aimed at the 8-12 years age range.

Each card includes a secret code which gives access to a webpage of additional photos, facts, videos, and activities related to that location.

They’re posted every Tuesday using standard mail, starting next Tuesday.

For details about vision impaired support, please see our FAQs page.


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