Welcome to PostcardsFromSpace

Tanno and Iguda will show you loads of fun activities to do, all connected to their postcard stories. 60 different cards, each with a linked webpage, take you to space, volcanoes and inside the body.

For the various series, here’s the list of places that Tanno and Iguda visit.

Card numberSpaceDeep SpaceVolcanoesThe Body
1The MoonDeep SpaceStromboliMouth
2VenusBlack Hole M87VesuviusStomach
3MercuryDark MatterErta AleSmall Intestine
4The SunWhirlpool GalaxyIcelandLarge Intestine
5MarsSupernova SNR0519ErebusBlood
6AsteroidsCrab NebulaVillaricaHeart
7JupiterBlue Ring NebulaMt St HelensLungs
9UranusTrappist-1fMt FujiEyes
10NeptuneAlpha CentauriPinatuboPancreas
11PlutoArrokothHawaiiImmune System
12EarthComet K2Olympus MonsSkin

How do we access the Secret Page?

We recommend using a computer or tablet for the secret pages as a phone screen can be a bit small for some of the incredible pictures and videos. To get to the page, look on your Postcard and find the blue QR code box The Moon secret webpage QR code If you can’t scan the QR code, then the text underneath it tells you the website address. So in this example for the Moon, you would type https://postcardsfromspace.co.uk/moonbasealpha into your internet browser.