Women artists

Sometimes it might seem that all of those famous works of art hanging in galleries and museums were only made by men. Unfortunately, in the past, women were expected to be wives and mothers and not much else. There were some brilliant women painters but they didn’t have the same opportunities as men. But that’s all changed now! And Tanno and Iguda have discovered that there are lots of absolutely brilliant female artists!

Some images of the junk monsters

Discussion of how they were made

What they were made from, how to get inspiration etc

close up photo of human skin
Image credit: ??????
shiny dark skin with fine hairs
Image credit: Angela Roma on Pexels.com

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Skin cross section model

Other imagery?

Image credit: but it all needs crediting – even Creative Commons still requires attribution. OK to use, but we must say who the artist is

Sensitive skin

The skin contains a number of different receptors that allow the body to pick up information from the immediate world outside. These receptors detect touch, pressure, pain, heat and cold.

Activity 1

Make your own Barbara Hepworth-style sculpture!

Get hold of some modelling clay.

Or ask an adult to help you to make your own salt dough. It’s easy!

You simply mix together 100g of plain flour (don’t use self-raising flour or it may bubble if you decide to bake it!), 50g of table salt and 25g of warm water until it becomes a dough. Then you can sculpt with it!

When you’ve finished your masterpiece you can bake it in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for about an hour and then paint it! Or if you don’t want to bake it straight away, it will stay usable for a week or so if you store it in a sealed bag.

Make a really interesting shape. Keep moving the dough or clay until you arrive at a shape you really like.

Now, get yourself a pencil and pick a place in your sculpture to make a hole. Push the pencil through and then wiggle it t make the hole as big as you like. Make a second hole if you like. Or even three! And the hole doesn’t have to be round either.

The only thing that matters is that YOU find the shape pleasing.

That’s what making art is all about!

Photo by Stevyn Colgan

The monsters on the front of this Postcard were all made from household rubbish like plastic bottles, fake fur from a broken dog toy, lids, ping pong balls and cardboard!

This is Tanno’s junk monster

What will you make?


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