International Order – Both Space Series


Bulk package of 12 PostcardsFromSpace plus 12 PostcardsFromDeepSpace for international customers. Includes access to the 24 associated webpages, one for each Postcard.

Not available to UK customers.

Postcard personalisation * 

Tell us how to write the greeting to your child on each postcard.
For example, should your postcards be to: “Dear Mo,” maybe “Hi Nicky,” or even “Dear Smith Family,” ??

Please write here the name and address for the postcards to be sent to: the receiving child’s name and address.
This is for addressing the postcards for the child to receive them from their friends Tanno and Iguda.
This is NOT the customer name and address, which will be collected at checkout (even if they’re the same).

If this is going to be a gift, on the first Postcard we can add the message “This mission was launched by ” and then your name, so they’ll know it’s from you. Write your name in this box if you want the gift message.


PostcardsFromSpace and PostcardsFromDeepSpace are available for international orders as a bulk purchase. You will receive all the cards for both series in one package.

If you wish you can post them to your child using your country’s domestic mail service. This works out cheaper for you and is more reliable. They will come with the greeting to your child and their address labels attached, so all you need to do is add a stamp and post them.

Note that PostcardsFromSpace and PostcardsFromDeepSpace are written in English. They are aimed at the 8-12 years age range.


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